Are you the next fsr feb member?

Dear students,
even though the faculty student council is only halfway through, the search for the fsr 2014 – 2015 has already begun. As you already might know, the two parties that compete for the places in the fsr at the FEB are List Sefa and Partij Mei. List Sefa and Partij Mei have already started their recruitment for their parties. The deadline for List Sefa is 19 januari 2014 you can apply via their website:  Partij Mei doesn’t have a clear deadline yet, you can contact their board for more information about that. However you can already become a member via their website:

If none of the parties appeal to you, you could decide to begin your own party. For more information about starting your own party, you can contact us!

The fsr is interesting for people that want to be more involved in the faculty, it is a great way to gain contacts and put subjects that yóu find important on the agenda of the board of the faculty and since you actually have rights as council, you can realize your ideas. Also it is a great enrichment for your resume. The time you spent on the FSR depends on your position in the council, officially it varies between 8 and 16 hours per week.

Any questions? Email us:

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