Become a fsr member, apply now!

Dear students,

As we are working towards the elections for next year’s student council, we would like to encourage you to run for a seat in the council yourself!
The fsr is interesting for people that want to be more involved in the faculty, it is a great way to gain contacts and put subjects that yóu find important on the agenda of the faculty board and since you actually have rights as a council, you can realize your ideas.

The student parties which currently participate in Faculty of Economics and Business student council elections are:
List Sefa ,
Studentenpartij mei

The student parties which currently participate in the Central student council elections are:
Studentenpartij mei ,

For more information on how to become a candidate you can visit the parties’ websites. Currently the deadlines for applying for the parties are set on February 6th for List Sefa and March 1st for Studentenpartij mei. Uva Sociaal however doesn’t have a clear deadline yet.
Of course you can also decide to start your own party.

For more general information on the student councils you can or contact us for questions at

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