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This year the Student Council elections will take place from the 8th till the 12th of June. If you are interested in student participation at the University of Amsterdam you can stand for election. You can either join one of the existing student parties or you can found your own party. See below for more information on the Student Council, existing parties and the way you can get yourself elected. If you have any questions you can always contact us!

Student Councils
The Student Council is the democratically chosen consultative body for students. If you want to change the way things are going at the UvA, or if you want to talk about improving education, the student council is the place to do so. There are 8 different Student Councils, 7 Faculty Councils and one Central Council. The Faculty Councils – it’s already in the name – are busy with all the issues that are relevant on a faculty level. Next to the several Faculty Councils there is also one overarching council; the Central Student Council.

Faculty Student Council (FSR)
The FSR stands up for the interests of all students of a particular faculty. They want to ensure that the education at their faculty is of an as high as possible quality and that the necessary facilities are present. In order to do this the advice the board the board on matters such as the possibility to retake an exam, to follow electives at other faculties, proper computer facilities and things like the prices of the catering. Each year the FSR also establishes the Education and Examination Regulations (OER). In the OER all the rights of students are recorded, so this is a very important document.

Each Student Council works with files. Each file has a certain number of file holders (usually ranging between one and three) they are responsible for the acquiring of information and the writing of advice letters. Even though the file holders do most of the work the entire council gets to participate in the making of the final decision. Files and the possible advices are discussed during the weekly plenary meetings (PV) and file holders present information and arguments to the council. Ultimately this will be brought to a vote and a decision will be made. The weekly PV of the FSR is open to the public so if you are interested please stop by!

Central Student Council (CSR)
The CSR consists of fourteen students who have made a year-long commitment to look after the interests of students at the UvA. They do this by focusing on all the major and seemingly minor issues that affect students. These issues range from the housing plans, sustainability and the internationalization policy of the University of Amsterdam, but also smaller matters such as the opening hours of the library and the number study areas. Seven students are directly elected in the CSR and the other seven are appointed by the seven faculty councils.

The CSR has a weekly meeting on Wednesday (from 13.00 till 16.00) which is called the plenary meeting (PV), these meetings are open to the public, so if you’re interested stop by! During the PV all sorts of matters are being handled, positions on specific topics are taken and the work of the three committees gets reviewed. The committees are Education & Research, Organization & Finance and Information & Communication. Each one of these committees also has their own weekly meeting and each student council members partakes in two committees. 

Student Political Parties
On each faculty various parties are participating in the student council elections. Each party represents different ideals; if you want to know more about them you can look them up, see the links below:

De Decentralen:
De Vrije Student:
Partij Mei:
UvA Sociaal:
Humanities Rally:
List Sefa:
Acta Anders / Acta Beter