The PR committee deals with… PR!

The work of the committee is broad, important and very engaging. The committee’s responsibilities include communicating with the student body, organizing events, and keeping up with the media that the Central Student Council has at its disposal (Facebook, Instagram, website, Toilet Paper). This is the only committee that works on a project basis. It is challenging, instructive, and ensures that you continuously achieve small victories when projects are successfully completed. Listed below are some examples of the projects we work on:

Communicating may not seem like a lot of work at first glance, but make no mistake, it is quite difficult to reach all 33,000 students representing the Central Student Council. Nevertheless, it is very nice to put your efforts into this. By communicating as clearly as possible to the students what we are working on, the legitimacy of the Student Council also increases. Above all, it is just a very nice committee where you can put all your creativity and that offers enough challenges!

Communication strategy

At the beginning of the year, the committee draws up a communication strategy. This document sets out what the CSR wants to achieve in the communication field the rest of the year. This document can serve as a guide and helps us to make choices and to set a certain course.

Constitution drink

Every year, it is reserved to the new council to organize a constitution drink. The rector magnificus, the Faculty Student Councils and all other student and study associations are invited. The idea is to keep the ties between all student boards strong because we regularly use each other’s knowledge and expertise during the year.

Teacher of the Year elections

Every year the Central Student Council organizes together with the ASVA student union the teacher of the year election. From this year on the elections will be different than normal. We do this by calling attention to good education throughout the year.

Good education goes hand in hand with good teaching. By expressing our appreciation to the teachers, we recognize that the teachers are the indispensable link in good education. Good cooperation with ASVA, the faculty councils, student and study associations, and other interested parties create a fun and visible atmosphere on the campuses. Teachers are inspiring, helpful and memorable.

More info about this event, please contact us: pelle.padmos.csr@,


Through our Facebook page we try to inform our supporters about our work as well as possible. We post things about files we are working on, events that are organized by us and other information that may be relevant for students.

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During the Intreeweek the Central Student Council has a stand at the Intreeweek exhibition. This is the ideal time to introduce new students to the Student Council and the work we do in an informal and playful way.


This is an event that we organize somewhere during the year to tighten the links between the various Student Councils. The idea is that we can learn a lot from each other and learn that we are all working on the same type of subjects and running into similar problems. How this event is implemented is different every year.

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Online election newspaper

Part of the Student Council elections is the online election newspaper. In this newspaper you can find out who you can vote for during the elections and what exactly these people represent for ideals.

Information Day for the Student council elections

In this event, we will bring the parties and councils involved in the election process where the students can meet and ask all the questions they want about the student council in general or what the parties stands for. This will help the students gain better insight about the parties and their values and expect what is it to be in the student council.

UB night

We organize the UB night as a playful action to draw attention to expanding the opening hours of the University Library. In the week before the exams somewhere in March, the UB is open all night. You can of course study but there are also fun activities and workshops organized.

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Together with Bureau Communicatie and the Central Electoral Committee we organize the student council elections each year. Here we start at the end of December and the elections will take place in May. Every year we strive to achieve an even higher turnout at the elections. The organization of this election requires a lot of time and involves many different things such as setting up a student council simulation, designing an effective online campaign and maintaining contact with the student parties.

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Toilet Paper

Perhaps the most unique communication tool of the Central Student Council is the WC newspaper. This newspaper hangs in the toilets of CREA, REC-H, and the University Library and is released once every two to three weeks. Among other things, it contains information about the events happening around the UvA and activities of the Student Council.

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The Student Council website contains all kinds of information about the work we do for students. The minutes of our meetings and the letters that we send to the Executive Board are all online. Furthermore, there is information about the various committees and files. There is also a smoelenboek online so you can see exactly who your representatives are.