What is the student council?

The student council (SR) is the democratically elected public consultation body for students. If you want to say something about the state of affairs at the UvA, or if you want to talk about education, then the student council is the place where you can. In total there are eight student councils: seven faculty and one Central Student Council. The Faculty Student Councils (FSRs) – the name says it all – deal with issues that play at the faculty level.

In addition to the Faculty Student Councils, there is also one overarching council; the Central Student Council.

What is the Central Student Council?

The Central Student Council (CSR) deals with issues that are university-wide and promotes the interests of students on the board of the UvA. Every year there are always a number of large and a number of smaller subjects that the CSR deals with. The CSR represents the students to the Executive Board, the directors of the UvA. The Board is obliged to listen to the CSR because the CSR has legal consenting and advisory rights.

How does the CSR work?

The CSR meets weekly in a plenary meeting (PV). The office of the council is housed at CREA in room 1.16. Just drop by, all meetings are public! The PV deals with all sorts of different matters, we take CSR positions and we look at the work done by the three committees within the CSR: Education & Research, Organization & Finance and Information & Communication. These committees meet once a week, and each CSR board member is in two of the three committees.

For more information about the elections and student parties: www.uvaverkiezingen.nl