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Do you want to take part in the elections and win a seat on the student council? You can do so by joining one of the parties that compete for seats in our faculty council. The parties participating at the Faculty of Science in 2022 are Lief, SLAAFS and DVS.

Participation bodies:

The student-assessor
The student-assessor is the student who forms the link between the students, the employee participation and the management team. The current student-assessor is Björn Out. He consults with the dean Peter van Tienderen, attends management team meetings and provides updates to the Faculty Student Council. In doing so, he can raise student issues with both the Faculty Council and the Executive Board and give feedback on the Dean’s plans. Björn can be reached through

Information about studying at the UvA

  • You can search for your programme via This page contains both the FNWI-overall Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER A) and the programme-specific regulations.
  • The Student Charter, which contains all the rights and obligations of the student.
  • You can find an overview of the UvA’s organisational structure here.
  • An overview of UvA-wide information on facilities, advice and guidance, student administration and regulatory affairs is included in the general A-Z list.

Studieverenigingen op de FNWI

  • ACD (Amsterdams Chemisch Dispute), for Chemistry students;
  • Cognito, for master’s students of Brain and Cognitive Sciences;
  • Congo, the association for students of Biology, Biomedical Sciences and Psychobiology;
  • GAOS (Geographical Activities and Education for Students), study association for students of Earth Sciences-Physical Geography;
  • NSA (Natural Science Study Association Amsterdam), for physics, astronomy and mathematics students;
  • Spectrum, for students of Beta-Gamma and Future Planet Studies;
  • Verum, for Forensic Science students;
  • via (Study association Information Sciences Amsterdam), for information science students.