What do we do?

A question that comes to mind for many students when the faculty student council is discussed is: “What does the student council actually do?” As a faculty student council (FSR) of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG) we defend the interests of students from the following domains; Social Sciences, Child Development and Education, Psychology and Communication Science.

Our central goal is and continues to be, improving the quality of education. We want to ensure that education at our faculty is as good as possible and that the preconditions to achieve this, are present. To achieve this, we provide advice and we have the right to consent on certain components. We advise on issues such as resits and optional subjects, but also, for example, about computer facilities and catering. We also ceritfy the Education and Examination Regulations each year in May, in which a large part of your rights as a student are defined.

Programme committee and Central Student Council
In addition to the student council, there are two more levels at which students can participate. First, there are programme committees which contribute to improving the quality and content of higher education per study programme. It is a committee established by law that advises the dean of the faculty and the head of the department on all kinds of subjects that are related to education. The total number of committee members is related to the number of students; as many teachers as students. Every council member from the FSR FMG is present at the meetings of one of the OCs.

Secondly, there is the Central Student Council (CSR), the university-wide student participation body, with which the FSR FMG works closely. For example, the faculty student council has a delegate at the CSR who acts as an intermediary between the two councils. The CSR deals with matters that concern the entire UvA, and not just the individual faculties. Via the CSR, matters that occur at faculty level can be passed on to the highest policy level that the UvA has; the Executive Board.

The student council meets every week in a plenary meeting, in which all current topics are discussed. All subjects that we deal with are divided into different files. Per file, one or more file holders are responsible for a subject. In addition, when a specific topic requires extra attention, we set up a task force that includes both people from the daily board and general council members. If you are interested in what exactly we are discussing in the plenary sittings, you are welcome to attend one. Our meetings are public! Which topics do we discuss? You can find this within the O&C and O&F topics on this site.