Study Associations

Study associations often have direct contact with students and have a lot of information about what is going on within the FMG programs. The FSR FMG therefore find it important to work closely with the study associations in order to achieve different goals regarding visibility and student involvement and to address various problems. The FSR FMG tries to maintain good contact with the study associations and ensures mutual cooperation.

We are open to help the study associations with various matters. The FSR FMG also asks for help if it needs it. The FSR FMG will appeal to the study associations in particular in times of election in order to guarantee a higher turnout. The close contact will be maintained through participation of the FSR FMG in the meetings of the Faculty Association FMG (Fv-FMG). This is a two-weekly meeting with the eight chairmen of the study associations of the faculty. As a result, the FSR FMG hopes to maintain good contact and to keep informed of developments and issues at stake for students.