Task force Transmission

Every year, new student councillors are elected for the FSR-FMG. Because the council changes members every year, it can change the position and the ideas of the council every year. Existing parties can change their views about certain topics and sometimes new parties are established. The FSR-FMG understands that it could be sometimes difficult for the dean and other directors that the council changes members annually. Things need to be explained again. Relationships not only have to be maintained but also have to be rebuilt. Certain topics that have been decided in consultation with the FSR in previous years can suddenly come under fire. The dean takes into account that the FSR-FMG does not necessarily agree with the views of the councillors of the previous FSR-FMG. We understand that a council also bears responsibility for this and we try to do this by properly and fully transferring knowledge to our success. That is what this task force is doing.