What is the Faculty Student Council?

The student council (SR) is a democratically chosen consultative body for students. If you have anything to say about the way things go at the UvA, or if you want to talk about education, the student council is the place to be. The UvA has 8 student councils in total, 7 faculty student councils and one central student council. The Faculty Student Councils – the name says it all – are taking care of business on a faculty level.

The Faculty Student Council (FSR) is dealing with business on a faculty level, in our case the Faculty of social and behavioral sciences and is also representing the interests of student with the board of the faculty. Every year, the FSR deals with big and small subjects within the faculty. The FSR represents the students within the board of the faculty. The board is obligated to listen to the FSR because the council has legal rights.   

How does the FSR work?
The FSR meets weekly in a plenary meeting (PV). Just drop by, all meetings are public! The PV deals with all kinds of different issues, FSR positions are taken and we look at the work done by the two committees within the FSR: Education & Finance and Organization & Communication. These committees also meet once a week, and each FSR council member sits on at least one of the two committees. In addition, each councilor maintains contact with a study association (SV) and the associated program committee (OC). Four of our council members form the day-to-day management (DB), which deals with the daily course of affairs within the council. Of course we don’t just meet; the rest of the week we speak with various parties involved inside and outside the university