Do you want to be in the Faculty Student Council?

Are you considering taking a seat on the student council next year and representing your fellow students? Here you can find step by step how to do that!

Step 1: Elect yourself in the student elections!

Because the Faculty Student Council is democratically elected, you must ensure that people vote for you!  Every year around May, the student council elections take place. Here you can vote for candidates from different parties who will subsequently represent you. In February / early March you can join a party or set up a party yourself! Check the website: to see which parties are participating this year and do not hesitate to send them an email (with questions)!

Step 2: Win votes!

If you have joined a party or have set up a party yourself, you will start a campaign. This is around the month of May during the elections!

Step 3: Seats

Enough votes? Congratulations, you are going to meet with the dean and write advice about things that are important to you!