Daily Board

Alexandra Rosca – Chair

My name is Alexandra and this year I am the chair of our faculty student council! I am a 21-year-old Romanian, currently completing my third year of Communication Science. Moreover, I will coordinate the PR Taskforce, while working on the following files: Masters Selection, the OER, Rules & Regulations, and Culture. I am proud to say that I am part of the first international FMG student council and this year I’ll be working on increasing the transparency and accessibility for international students. 

Do you have an idea for improving our faculty? Or you simply want to know more about the council? You can email me at alexandra.fsr.fmg@gmail.com.

Siddharth Jethwani – Vice-Chair 

It is with a sense of pride and joy that I may introduce myself to you as the Vice-Chair of the first-ever international student council at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (FMG). As Vice-Chair, I am responsible for setting agendas, fulfilling the role of the chair in her absence, and, most importantly, maintaining high team dynamics! Besides fulfilling my roles as vice-chair, I will also be working on some files as a council member. These files include the Binding Study Advice, Transition Programs, Education and Examination Regulations (OER), The Pluim and 8-8-4During the year, I will also continue pursuing my BSc. in Political Science with a specialization in Public Policy and Governance. 

If you have any complaints about the FMG or would like to learn more about the council then feel free to contact me via sid.fsr.fmg@gmail.com

Ana Mar K. Perez – Education & Finance Committee Chair

Holaaa! My name is Ana Mar, I’m 21 years old and a 3rd-year Political Science student. For this year, I will be the committee chair for finances and organization, as well as the treasurer of our council. Apart from my financial tasks, I will mainly focus on promoting diversity on our campus by co-organizing projects that push for inclusiveness. Another subject I will dedicate myself to is helping students who experienced sexual harassment and sexism, as well as helping prevent it. Besides, improving our faculty’s sustainability is one of the topics that actually motivated me from the beginning on to run for elections. Together with my fellow council members and by cooperating with other boards from the UvA, I am really confident and excited we will bring some good change. 

If you have ANY questions, suggestions or simply want to have a chat, feel more than free to contact me through anamar.fsr.fmg@gmail.com! 

Tom Flipse – Organization & Communication Committee Chair

Hi! My name is Tom Flipse and I’m the committee chair of the FSR FMG 19/20 concerning Education and Communication. I just celebrated my 25th birthday and combine studying Political Science with working as a journalist at NU.nl. My goal is to protect the quality of education at the faculty and create an environment wherein students can develop themselves to the maximum. This includes that I will strive for a flexible BSA and online lectures. 

Have you had problems while studying at our faculty or suggestions for the student council? Please contact me at tom.flipse.fsr.fmg@gmail.com or drop by B1.09. See you!!