General Council Members

Bibi van de Laar
My name is Bibi van de Laar, I am twenty years old and a third-year political science student. Last year I was a student member of the Political Science Education Committee and this year I thought it would be interesting to focus more on faculty-wide aspects. As a general councilor in the FSR FMG, I am therefore committed to the issues of the academic community, student involvement, information facilities and the newly introduced file on sexual harassment. I am also involved in the digital learning environment and promotion and media.

Do you have questions, input or just fancy coffee? Then address me or email me at!

Freek Wallagh
My name is Freek Wallagh, 20 years old. I got in touch with the FSR as a result of my political science studies, and I am happy that I can continue this fine work as a council member this year. I will be involved in the PR for the FSR this year, trying to strengthen the link between students and councilors. Ultimately, a democratic body is nothing without a strong connection with those they represent. In addition, I will fight this year for more room for artistic expression on Roeterseiland. The university is a community in which science, culture and art go hand in hand. I hope to be able to make it a valuable year: so come over for a cup of coffee and tell me what is going on in your life as a student. Who knows, maybe we can achieve a lot together. You can mail via

Daniel Ellis
My name is Daniël Ellis and I am a fourth year student of political science and second year history. I am involved in the flex study, digitization and double bachelor files, among other things. The faculty must cut back, unfortunately we cannot ignore that. The study facilities are overcrowded while the number of FTEs must be drastically reduced, so there is enough work to be done to guarantee the quality of education and to defend student interests. Do you have questions or ideas for the faculty student council? Then drop by our office or send an email to

Nina Salomons – Council Assistant
My name is Nina Salomons and this year I can play the role of council assistant in the FSR FMG. I am 20 years old and in my third year of Political Science. I will focus primarily on promoting the FSR FMG, student involvement, the new ODCs and constituencies, the elections, internationalization, sustainability and information provision.

This is quite a mountain, but all very important, so if you have a complaint / advice / comment about these points or would like to drink free coffee at the FSR office, come to B1.09 or mail to

Rinke Ploeger – Council Assistant
I am Rinke Ploeger, 22 years old and fifth year in Human Geography and Spatial Planning. Originally I am from Eindhoven but have been living in beautiful Mokum for 4 years now. This year I will act as a council assistant within the council. As a council assistant, I am a member of the Finance Development Task Group, the OER Task Group, I am the chief finance officer and I am responsible for the Study Advisers and the Filling in Free Choice. I am looking forward to this year and hope to achieve a lot! You can mail via

Robin van den Hoek – Administrative Secretary
I am Robin van den Hoek, I am in the second year of ASW and since April 2018 I am also the Official Secretary of the FSR FMG. My position mainly consists of the administrative support of the student council and the transfer of knowledge to a new student council at the start of an academic year. Furthermore, my main duties are taking minutes of the daily management meetings, the plenary meetings and the consultation meetings with the dean. In addition, I also keep track of the general student council mail. So don’t hesitate to send us or me an email at!