Monthly update: March

The D&D referendum

Now that the results are finally out, formally presented by the D&D commission on the 25th of January. The turnout was fairly low among students, from who only 11.7% voted, and unsatisfactory among staff (37.4% voted). However, a quick inspection of the polls revealed the general sentiment of this sample: a vast majority is in favor of change under the form of a new-style Senate and a charter of core values. As far as the four governance models are concerned, students manifested a preference for the yellow model (33%), while staff preferred the blue model (34%). On our own faculty, the result was that 306 students voted (4%) and 197 employees (35%).
The D&D referendum was an advisory referendum, meaning that its result will serve as a compass for the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam for future policy making. So, what do these results imply?
To begin with, we can expect the senate to reformed and the charter of values to be implemented soon. About the governance models, the preferences expressed by the voters suggest a need for larger external participation by students and workers council; therefore we can expect an expansion in the power of such councils.
You can find the complete results of the referendum here

FSR vlog

This is a new initiative from your student council, every few weeks a student member will tell in a video what the major events and updates were for this period. We will discuss things as the Bachelor Split, changes in the OER (teaching and examination regulation), Blended Learning and any other important event concerning our Faculty that concerns the students. The videos will be uploaded on our website and on Facebook, so like our page to stay tuned!

Bachelor Split

One of our most time-consuming files right now is the upcoming division of the bachelor of Economics and Business (E&B) into the BSc Economics and Business Economics (E&BE) and the BSc Business Administration (BA). We want to make sure that the division will go as smoothly as possible for both our current and our future students. An example: this year’s first-year students of E&B will be the last, after which the first-year program will be discontinued, and so one for the 2nd and 3rd year programs over the following two years. This means that starting from 2017-218, a (then) second-year student who has to retake a first-year course will not be able to take to same course again, but will need to check which new E&BE or BA course will compensate for the course. If you are planning to resit one or more courses from your first year, we recommend you to visit the Student Services Desk. They can tell you in which course you need to enroll and when this course is given. The transition table has also been sent to your emails. If you have any more questions regarding the BSc split, please contact us on, come by our office (E0.06) or send us a message on Facebook!





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