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Zoals je wellicht al op is gevallen brengt het nieuwe jaar ons een nieuwe cateraar. De inrichting van de kantines, de koffiemachines, het eten dat te koop is; er verandert van alles. De nieuwe cateraar heeft op basis van een enquête die alle studenten hebben kunnen invullen mooie plannen gemaakt om te zorgen voor beter eten op de campus en sfeervollere omgevingen. Na de veranderingen vanaf 1 januari volgen meer veranderingen. Er wordt bijvoorbeeld samengewerkt met lokale eetgelegenheden die populair zijn onder studenten. Op vind je meer informatie.
De CSR houdt ondertussen een oogje in het zeil en we verzamelen mogelijke kritiek op en suggesties aan de nieuwe cateraar. Zijn er bijvoorbeeld genoeg vegetarische opties? Is het eten nog wel goed betaalbaar voor studenten? Is de koffie beter en zijn de kantines inderdaad prettig? Willen we meer of minder inspirational quotes? Laat het ons weten!
You can’t miss it: the catering at the UvA has changed. The food, the design, the prices, everything is different. There is not one major catering company but there are many small companies offering their special foods. Every two months these small companies switch locations.  If you have any complaints or suggestions you can also leave your comments below. Want to contact the new catering company directly? Take a look at:
Franziska zegt:

I want to agree with the general negative opinions about the new catering system. I am not familiar with the Dutch university system but I was already shocked by the prices BEFORE the new catering. In Germany, university catering is heavily subsidized by the government and you can get big and healthy meals for 1,50€. I think university catering is not something any company should profit from but it should benefit the STUDENTS. Demanding 7,50€ for a piece of lasagna (as an example) in my eyes is a total ripoff. The salad bar has deteriorated, the options are not healthier than before in my eyes, and the Albert Heijn chocolate coconut cake is being sold for 1,50€ while it costs 0,85€ in Albert Heijn. I think the new pricing system is a shame. If this weird system of small vendors is to be continued (I personally don’t like it because you have the same food for weeks and weeks, before you had diffferent food everyday), I think it should be subsidized to a great deal by the university. Last point, before the change, there were quite a number of senior citizens here for dinner every day of the week, I guess because they could get a nice meal for relatively little money. They are gone now.
All these comments are based on my experience at the roeterseiland campus canteen.
One more comment for de Brug: de Brug used be the ONLY place where you could get a coffee with soy milk, now you cannot get it there anymore either. With so many people being lactose intolerant or vegan, how is it justifiable that there are NO options whatsoever to use plant milk instead of cow’s milk?! Food options are already taking into account dietary choices or restrictions too little, the coffee could at least offer the possibility to use plant milk.

Student zegt:

Bij de bieb aan de singel worden de producten verkocht die in de lunchroom om de hoek ook te koop zijn. De UB kantine zou een goedkoop alternatief moeten zijn, niet nog een slecht ingerichte lunchroom. Het duurt allemaal veel langer, het aanbod is minder, de medewerkers zijn minder aardig en de prijzen zijn buitensporig hoog. Dit lijkt me allemaal niet de bedoeling van een studentenkantine.

annemaria zegt:

Ik vind dat de prijzen te veel omhoog zijn gegaan. Je kan dit geen studentenprijzen noemen als je bij de ub 2,50 moet betalen voor een cappocino! En mis de hele lieve en enthousaiste medewerkers van hiervoor. En het eten is niet bijzonder minder keus en te duur

Studentenraad zegt:

Thank you for all your reactions.
But please don’t be insultive in your reactions, your reactions will be adjusted or removed.

Harry Chossel zegt:

[adjusted by the moderator]

Unfortunately I’d have to agree with Michal. I’d rather choke myself on cigarettes everyday then to eat another bland tasting meal. Between eating the new meals and smoking I’m anxious to see which one will give me cancer first.

Lupa zegt:

While the old 5 euro meals were not amazing they were at least cheap and fairly balanced (meat, potato/past/rice. salad /veges) and good value. It is very disappointing to have this replaced with repetitive and limited menus that cost 7.50! Personally I enjoyed the Kofta ball options, but that provider has gone.
The Indian food is quite bland, and has low protein, low vegetable but very high starch/carbohydrate balance.
The other current stall provides nothing that i can eat due to the starch content, making my on campus options extremely limited, and very expensive. even a cup of soup has doubled in price. I guess the Albert Heijn around the corner will be the beneficiary of this, very disappointing that the university is not looking after students nutritional needs better than this.

Leo Wiedemann zegt:

I agree with the criticism voiced that the prices have increased in a manner not reflected in the quality of the food and service provided. What personally bothers me the most is that the cafeteria at the Roeterseiland Campus has gone from providing porcelain flatware and metal cutlery to one-time-use plates and cutlery. This is not just a waste of resources (as the previous flatware and cutlery are already present and the new ones are, even if recycled, thrown out after every meal). It is also deterioration in the overall quality of the meals as the new plates, knives and forks are far inferior in their quality to those previously provided. Given the rise in prices this is not acceptable. I would appreciate if there would be consideration of this issue.

gavan blau zegt:

The new cafeteris is over priced and too expensive. I used to eat at the cafeteria every single day. I could get a sizeable portion on a hot meal for 3 euro or 5 euro. Now there is a 4.50 euro hot meal that is always too small, and a 7 euro meal that is too expensive. I now eat at albert heijn everyday. My price point is a maximum of 5 euro and for that amount i need to eat enough to be very sated because i cant afford to keep buying little things throughout the day. i also need the option to get something adequate for around 3 euro. those are my price points. i no longer eat there at all and i used to eat everyday. the portions are too small too. i have no interest in how the meals have been made fancy. price and amount is the only concern.

Student BS zegt:

Goed dat jullie een oogje in het zeil houden. Ik had zelf al de eerste stappen genomen om een rapport hierover op te stellen.
De koffie is in prijs verhoogd naar 1 euro. De prijzen van voeding e.d. zijn ook (flink) omhoog gegaan. De oude cateraar (Eurest) heeft overigens meegedaan in de race naar de aanbesteding. Lokaal geteelde dynamisch vegetarische producten kunnen me gestolen worden. Studenten willen een ding: prima producten voor studentenprijzen.
Wat is de rol van studenten in het besluitproces? Blijkbaar te weinig. Het lijkt me aannemelijker dat de UvA goed extra geld verdient aan onze dure koffie en broodjes.
Hopelijk duiken jullie hier verder in. Met goedkope koffie zijn immers ALLE studenten gebaat! Ik hoop van jullie te vernemen, groet, BS

Christian zegt:

The quality of the food has improved. And the prices are okay-ish as well. However, I’m a bit tired of eating more or less the same Indian dish every single day.

(Can somebody delete Michal’s condescending post? To use his words: I am deeply disgusted.)

Cátia Pereira zegt:

It would be very nice if much more dishes of warm food were sold. The warm food that I tried was very spicy! You could have separate dishes (spicy vs not spicy) and also fish dishes such as salmon, tuna etc. with rice, boiled potatoes or pasta.

Emma zegt:

The food has gotten slightly better, however the price is in my opinion far too high. There used to be more cheap options. Now everything is too expensive. Back to bringing sandwiches from home.

Michal zegt:

[adjusted by the moderator]

Thats unacceptable that fast food is being offered to students. How can you increase the prices for a student meals, with deteriorating quality of the food? I am deeply disgusted by the manner that all of us have been treated. The person behind allowing this has been probably bribed, and frankly speaking, I havent thought that such a thing can occur in Netherlands that easily. The currently served food (pitas and so on) is the food for the streets. I am humiliated that you expect students of top Dutch university to eat such a shit at a price that i much higher that someone is required to pay for this kind of meal on the street.

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