Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE)

With the deadline for the final draft of the PPLE OER (Teaching and Examinations Regulations)  2017-2018 coming up, we thought it would be nice to inform you of the things we’ve tried to change in the OER for the next academic year. The Teaching and Examinations Regulations are the statutes where you, as a student, derive your rights from. The following things we have proposed to change, but are still being worked on, in cooperation with Radboud (our Dean).

First of all, we have tried to clarify several vague issues in terms of admissions. The current admission requirements have gaps with regard to mathematics requirements of the different high school programmes (International Baccalaureate, other foreign diploma’s). Secondly, we thought it was important that reasons for revisions to the exam, grades, or assignments must always be communicated to students. Currently this is not always being upheld by lecturers and tutors, which leads to confusion for students when assessing their efforts into assignments or exams.

We also wanted to implement a rule for unstandardized assignments and exams, such as essays. So we have proposed that when standardized answers are not available, a grading rubric/model answers must be added to justify the grade given. One other key point we wanted to implement into the OER was that there should be some admissions procedure for lecturers that tests their English proficiency. Under the current admissions procedure lecturers are “borrowed” from the other UvA faculties, but there is no clear standard for their level of English. It seemed to us that this was not proportionate to the English requirements that were required from us, the students, to participate in the programme. Finally, some parts of the PPLE programme that were taken up in the OER require some clarification, according to us. For example, the Talent Development Programme currently has some overlap with AIM events, so for next year’s OER we have pushed for the role of TDP to be fully fleshed out.