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Dear Students,
The past weeks we had a lot of complaints about the business master, the resits, the course EMO and teachers not following the OER and we promised to keep you updated, after the OV. It has had some delay and we’re sorry about that but it’s finally here.

The Business Master
During the OV (overlegvergadering) we discussed the business master. There were two problems we saw in the business master as a whole. First: it is overcrowded which results in for example tutorials with 45 people. Also we heard that there are big differences in the level of difficulty between tracks.
The board recognized these problems and there are vacancies for more staff and in the coming years there will be a selection on which students will attend the master. Also they will talk with the track coordinators about the differences between the track.
Another issue with the business master is the grading of the course Strategy. When we raised this issue to the board our main concerns were that the grades were only raised for one group to have a sufficient passing rate. This creates inequality and that is something that we do not approve of. The board was informed by the coordinator of the course that he didn’t raise the grades but lowered his standards as to how many points you need to have a 6. The board found this explanation sufficient and felt that it shouldn’t pressure the teacher to raise all grades. In the OV we sadly couldn’t come to an agreement on this and we are contemplating new steps we can take to convince the board and the coordinator that the grades of all students should be raised.

Teacher and the OER
The second topic we talked about was that we see that some teachers do not follow the OER. We found that three rules were broken often:
1. Students are entitled to have a mock exam that is representative in content and length.
2. Exams should be checked and published within 15 working days.
3. Students are allowed to have a dictionary (English – native language) during the exam.
To solve this issue there will be a reminder for the teachers in their newsletter. Also the board said that if these things are not followed we should tell them so they will talk to the coordinator. So if you didn’t have a mock exam or your exam wasn’t checked within 15 working days or you weren’t allowed to have a dictionary with you, let us know so we can do something about it!

Resits and Exams on One Day
The third issue that we talked about is that after the Christmas break almost all the exams are scheduled on the same day. The opinion of the board was that they want to make resits as unattractive as possible and all the resits on one day should give out a signal that you should make sure you do not need them. Also teachers complained that during the first week, people don’t go to their lectures because of the resits. The FSR feels that resist are already unattractive as they is because you have to study everything again. Also now some resits are scheduled during lectures so we think that some students will miss lectures either way. But at least when the resits are scheduled on different days there is at least a chance that people go to their lectures. On this point we disagreed with the board and we are looking at new arguments to convince them. However the board proposed to instead of having resist after the Christmas break have all the resits in the summer. We said that we would check with the students what they think of that plan. But we could agree that normal exams shouldn’t be on the same day, which also happened the past blocks.

The Course EMO
The FSR felt that the relative grading that was used in EMO wasn’t the way to grade exams, because now a certain amount of people was set up to fail. Also it was quite unfair because they split up the group in two, resulting that the same exam was graded with two different measures. Lastly, we thought that students shouldn’t be experimented on since their grades are very important to them and such experiment should be conducted in Creed. The board understood our point and said that they will check if students had a substantial disadvantage. The outcomes of this experiment will be communicated to us.

If there are any questions or remarks please let us know by emailing:

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