Update on Resits

Dear Students,

The past weeks the FSR has had many discussions with the board about the resits and sadly we couldn’t agree on this issue. As a last resort, we contacted the board of examiners. They found that they couldn’t change the date of the resits anymore because otherwise other students that assumed that the resits are going to be on a certain day could have troubles with it. And they have to take those students in account as well.
The board of examiners did ask us to analyse the problem with the resits and present it to them, so they can do something with it for the resits in the summer and the future.

For the students that have emailed us with that they were ill or had an accident prior to their exam, and that is why they didn’t pass: if you can prove this to the board of examiners there is a possibility that you can have an extra resit in the summer. You can find more about this on: (english) / (dutch)
The Board however did agree that resits and lectures shouldn’t be at the same time. We only had one example of that (the resit of maths 3 being at the same time as the lectures of maths 4) and they would pass that case on to the schedulers. So if there are more cases were resits and lectures are at the same time, let us know.
Please understand that we have tried everything possible to solve this issue, but for the upcoming resits in January it just didn’t work out. We hope that with the help of the board of examiners we can solve this problem in the future.

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