We need your help!

Dear students,
In our next overlegvergadering (OV) with the board were going to discuss some complaints we got from you and things we want to see changed. We would like some input from you on the following topics:
– The business master (It is too overcrowded, differences in difficulty in courses and tracks)
– Teachers not following the Onderwijs en Examenregelement (teachers not providing mock exams or grading the exams and publishing them in 15 working days)
– The relative grading scheme of the course: Economics of markets and organizations (EMO) (by relative grading you setting a fixed amount that should fail)
– The amount of resits and exams that are planned on the same day
From you we would like to know if you agree or disagree with these points and if there are things that we should not forget to mention during the OV about these 4 complaints. You can contact us by our email:

If there are any other complaints or remarks, feel free to contact us!

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