Student member for UvA Complaints Committee wanted!


Since 2012, a Complaints Committee has been established at the UvA to which all formal complaints go from both students and employees of the UvA. The committee is charged with handling and advising on complaints about administrative bodies of the UvA. The Complaints Committee also has the ability to make policy recommendations to the Executive Board. The formal complaints procedure is governed by the ‘Regulations Governing the Handling of Complaints by Staff and Students of the University of Amsterdam’. The working method of the Complaints Committee is described in the ‘Regulations Governing the Complaints Committee of the University of Amsterdam’.

The committee consists of the following individuals:

  1. An external chairperson (who is a lawyer)
  2. A member and alternate member on behalf of the Board of Trustees.
  3. A member and alternate member on behalf of the Central Works Council for matters relating to personnel
  4. A member and alternate member on behalf of the Central Student Council for matters concerning students.


The duties of the Complaints Committee shall be:

  1. Investigating complaints (reading files, distilling questions from them to ask at the hearing, reconstructing the course of the conflict), taking into account the confidentiality of the proceedings;
  2. On the basis of the complaint investigation, advising the Executive Board on the admissibility and merits of the complaint, as well as on any measures to be taken;
  3. To record the nature and content of complaints, the findings of the complaint investigation as well as the recommended actions;
  4. Make policy recommendations to the Board of Trustees if it deems it necessary;
  5. If it deems it necessary, advise the Board of Trustees to initiate a further cross-individual investigation.


Profile for the (alternate) student member:

  • Is enrolled as a student at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Is available for a period of two years. The (deputy) student member on behalf of the Central Student Council is appointed for a period of two years, at the end of which this (deputy) student member is no longer eligible for appointment.
  • Has demonstrable command of the Dutch and English languages.
  • Can handle confidential data and confidential information.
  • Has an interest in complaints provisions, arrangements.
  • Has an objective view.



The student member receives a compensation that is in line with the compensation of student members of the Examination Appeals Board (COBEX). This amounts to € 50 per hearing. On average, the (deputy) student member is called upon about five times a year. How much time you spend on your membership depends on the duration of the sessions and the nature of the complaints. On average, a session lasts one hour; in addition, you are expected to read the documents carefully and make comments on the hearing reports and recommendations.

Would you like to gain knowledge and experience on a complaints committee? And would you like to handle and advise on complaints of both students and employees to the governing bodies of the UvA? Then apply!

Link for application here !!

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