What is a student council?

The students can influence the board of the University of Amsterdam on three levels:  on the level of studies in the education committee (OC), on the level of the faculty in the faculty student council (FSR)  and on the level of the whole university in the central student council (CSR).  The members of the FSR and CSR are elected by the annual elections in May and all students can participate in the elections. At the Faculty of Economics & Business (FEB) the FSR consists out of 10 people and during the elections parties compete for the places is the council.

The faculty student council gives their advice and has a say about affairs that occur on faculty level. For example audiovisual facilities, catering and course evaluations are things we discuss during our meetings and with the board. Even about some subjects the board is legally obliged to consult the faculty student council.

But most importantly the faculty student council is there to help you with the problems you find within the faculty. So if you have any complaints, questions or suggestions to improve the FEB don’t hesitate to contact us on: fsr.feb@gmail.com